Michigan ALS Consortium

The Program for Neurology Research and Discovery (PNR&D) is excited to announce that applications are being accepted to the Michigan ALS Consortium (MALS Consortium) for access to the University of Michigan ALS patient repository (UMAPR).

The UMAPR represents a unique resource within the ALS community. In collaboration with the Michigan Institute for Clinical & Health Research, the UMPAR has been collecting samples from familial and sporadic ALS patients at the University of Michigan ALS Clinic for over one year. This cohort of patients and control subjects represents over 150 individuals. Along with various biological samples, an extensive medical history, sequential neurologic assessments, and demographic information is available from both patients and control subjects. Currently available biological samples include whole blood DNA, plasma, fibroblasts and lymphocytes.

Researchers are asked to complete the application form and provide a brief proposal (2 pages) outlining the planned use of the samples. A Scientific Advisory Board will meet at the start of each month to discuss the scientific merit and viability of each proposal and investigators will be notified by the 15th of the month about the outcome of their request. For successful requests, samples will be shipped with the cost being absorbed by the MALS Consortium. An agreement will also be established with the requesting investigator regarding whether these samples will be provided as part of a new collaboration with the PNR&D, or if a simple acknowledgement in any publications resulting from use of these samples will suffice.

  • Click here for a sample of the questionnaire used to obtain ALS patient medical and demographic information
  • Click here to request medical and demographic information from CONTROLS
  • Click here to request clinical assessment data from ALS patients
  • Click here to obtain the MALS Consortium ‘Request for Sample’ form.