Pepsi and PFUND Unite Against Neurological Diseases

In an exciting new initiative to fight Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS) and other neurological diseases, Pepsi has handpicked the PFUND’s research to display on some 6 million soda cans. The information regarding the PFUND and its mission was exhibited on cans of Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi for the first time in August 2004. The cans were distributed once again in July 2005 throughout Southeastern Michigan. The common goal of Pepsi and the PFUND is to increase understanding of neurological diseases in Michigan and inspire support for the fight against these diseases worldwide. PFUND director, Eva Feldman, M.D., Ph.D. is optimistic that this type of mass exposure will generate funds necessary to fuel current research by PFUND investigators, scientists seeking treatments for diseases such as ALS, Childhood Cancer (tumor related to the nervous system), and Diabetes. Presently, the PFUND has raised over $1 million, roughly ten percent of the ultimate goal of $10 million. Hopefully, the partnership with Pepsi will help the PFUND reach that goal and take a big step forward in the struggle against Neurological Disease.